Gubba Eco Watering Systems is dedicated to bringing you top quality, environmentally friendly watering systems, ideal for Australia’s dry conditions. We currently stock two brands of simple, automatic garden irrigation systems, designed for both the home garden and commercial uses.

Iriso Systems use gravity to water your plants, no power, mains pressure or timers are required, making them both very environmentally friendly and economical ways to water your plants.

Iriso, “The eco-smart drop-by-drop watering system” is a very simple drip feed watering system, easy to use and set up, it can be run from an old water or soft-drink bottle or larger water tank up to 5000 litres! Popular in Europe for many years, Iriso is now available in Australia. Made & designed in France. Ideal for plants in the ground and pots indoors and out. Full systems available from $12.95 to $39.95 Freight Free!

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